The Koiki Company co-operates with the Japanese artists who create traditional, high quality products. These are extraordinary specialists who follow the national tradition and have got great knowledge and a long-term experience in their craft, but at the same time, they produce items that are modern in nature and adjusted to the taste of today’s customers.

When visiting such small, family workshops it is hard not to be charmed by their unique atmosphere. Not only are they are located in picturesque mountain regions, at the banks of rivers, but in areas that have been involved in paper production for hundreds of years and they astound with their history and respect for values they pass onto generations.


The Japanese paper has got almost an infinite number of variations. It is smooth and coarse, shiny and matt, transparent or thick. It can be dyed, decorated and used for instance in design. The technology of paper making in Japan has been on the highest level for several hundreds of years. Both Rembrandt, as well as Picasso appreciated the quality and properties offered by washi. How can anyone resist such richness of textures and colours?


One of the motifs inseparably linked with Japan is the blooming cherry tree, however it is only one among thousands of symbols, which decorate the Japanese handmade paper and give it a unique look. High quality merged with original patterns allow to produce exceptional items, other than the ones made in Europe – they truly reflect the spirit of the Far East.

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Mizutama – a decorative fishnet-like paper. Patterns resemble lace and are created by falling drops of water.

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Momi – a decorative paper with a wrinkled surface.

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Chiyogami – a decorative paper, frequently richly ornamented with gilded elements. Used in bookbinding and such industrial crafts as the production of jewellery, boxes, exclusive packaging or greeting cards.

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Inden – a decorative paper with a characteristic raised pattern. A glossy surface gives the sheets an elegant and refined look.

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Chigiri washi – a decorative paper, prepared to be freely separated into smaller pieces, with the possibility of their further ornamentation (painting, sticking on various base, making collages).

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Visiting cards holder. A holder for business cards or credit cards. Washi handmade paper dyed with urushi lacquer. design & copyright / Sugihara & Gessner 6,3x9,3 (19,8x9,8) cm The item sold is one red colour holder.

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The sample book contains 13 types of paper, including 7 plain (uniform in terms of composition and color) and 6 decorative.

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Hand-made calligraphy of Japanese artist Yuki Hata 畑 由 紀. Work made using traditional techniques: ink on Japanese paper (washi). This work of art is on sale with a hand made, wooden frame.

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The large-size image: mountain landscape. The image was created with dyed fibres, not paint. On top of that, the decorations were made with a golden powder and metallic flakes. It is truly unique, as it was created by an artist from the scratch. Dimensions: 98,5 x 108,5 cm.

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