The origins of Koiki store were very ordinary, however the idea to create it emerged in quite extraordinary circumstances.

After several years of handling conservation and restoration of works of art, there came the time to share the acquired experience. Artefacts of the past have led us to modern artists and craftsmen, who in turn inspired us to find out more about other creations. Yet in the centre of this continuous process of learning new facts has always been Japan. The country, which artisanship delights and inspires.

When you browse our website, you will find extraordinary items. Most of them are handmade, in accordance with traditional techniques, some of which date back to several hundreds of years ago. Some of the items were inspired by the past, but they were made with the use of up-to-date technologies.

We offer you exceptional products and we hope they will inspire you to write an exceptional page of your own history.


Joanna Kokoć, Joanna Koryciarz-Kitamikado